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Larry McClelland's Bio

Larry McClelland - The Business Innovator

American Entrepreneur

"The Business Innovator"

Larry McClelland, the founder and CEO of SADA Services, LLC , is an entrepreneur, awesome business coach,  influential speaker, U.S. Army Veteran, and inspirational author. Larry McClelland owns and operates several privately held companies. Larry McClelland has spent countless years studying the intellectual specifics of entrepreneurship and the dynamic structures of building global empires. Named the "Business Innovator" by the Atlanta Business Community as a definition of how he exemplify his ability to teach, coach and mentor his business partners and clients to soar to unbelievable levels in their businesses. McClelland is also the founder of SADA Nation, the Side Hustle Seminar, the Entertainment Business Symposium, and the Wise Counsel Foundation which focuses on empowering aspiring Entrepreneurs.  

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