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SADA Services, LLC provides quality premier services to its clients.


SADA Services, LLC is a company founded and owned by Mr. Larry D. McClelland. This organization is designed to provide premier services to its clients in the industry of entertainment. The services offered are quality services that compliments the client's personal and professional lifestyle such as entertainment, business solutions, security, event rental space, event planning and digital media.

SADA's Name

SADA is named after Mr. McClelland's lovely kids in order from oldest to youngest.
(Sherika, Ashley, Devonte' and Ayanna)

SADA Services Executive Staff

Larry McClelland - Owner & CEO - SADA Services, LLC

Larry D. McClelland

Owner & CEO

SADA Services, LLC

Sherika Lewis - CMO, Chief Marketing Officer, SADA Services, LLC

Sherika Lewis

Chief Marketing Officer

SADA Services, LLC

Ashley Allen - CFO, Chief Financial Officer, SADA Services, LLC

Ashley Allen

Chief Financial Officer

SADA Services, LLC

Devonte' McClelland - COO, Chief Operating Officer, SADA Services, LLC

Devonte' McClelland

Chief Operating Officer

SADA Services, LLC

Ayanna McClelland - CAO, Chief Administrative Officer, SADA Services, LLC

Ayanna McClelland

Chief Administrative Officer,

SADA Services, LLC


SADA Business Solutions Logo - SADA Services, LLC

SADA Business Solutions

SADA Entertainment, LLC Logo

SADA Entertainment

SADA Red Carpet - SADA Entertainment, LLC

Red Carpet

Larry McClelland logo - The Business Innovator

Larry McClelland

SADA Business Alliance

SADA Business Alliance

Wise Counsel Foundation - www.wisecounsel

Wise Counsel Foundation

SADA Institute - SADA Services, LLC

SADA Institute

SADA Capital

SADA Studios - SADA Services, LLC

SADA Studios

SADA Events Center - SADA Services, LLC

SADA Events Center

SADA Exchange - Your Online Superstore For Entrepreneurs

SADA Exchange

SADA Security - SADA Services, LLC

SADA Security

SADA Notary - SADA Services, LLC - Mobile Notary Services

SADA Studios

SADA Motors - SADA Services, LLC

SADA Motors

SADA Nation Podcast hosted by Larry McClelland (The Entrepreneur's Podcast)

SADA Nation Podcast

SADA Nation Apparel

SADA Nation Apparel

Side Hustle Seminar - SADA Services, LLC

Side Hustle Seminar

SADA Graphics provides quality digital graphics for its clients

Armond Graphics

SADA Lounge - SADA Services, LLC

SADA Lounge

Next Best - SADA Entertainment

Next Best

SADA Sip & Paint - SADA Services, LLC

Sip & Paint

Entertainment Business Symposium - BigMac Entertainment


Teen-X SADA Entertainment & SADA Services, LLC


SADA BullFest is an annual birthday festival for the zodiac sign Taurus



Business Conference

Mobile Notary Services

Sales Force Conference

Atl Glamour Fashion Show

Larry McClelland

SADA Red Carpet

Armond Graphics

SADA Entertainment

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